Gift Portraits

The artistic excellence of Phil Herman and Roberta Rill doesn't stop with caricatures and party art. Both are classically trained fine artists. Both can work either in-person or from photographs to create a memorable gift portrait of you or someone you love.


Please contact us for more information and lead times, especially if you are planning to use the portrait for the Holidays, or need it by a specific date.

In addition, Phil is famous for his “Personality Portraits” -  snapshot caricatures. A portrait depicting a person in the midst of their true life- a tribute to themselves, surrounded by all that is important to them and what makes them who they are. Usually commissioned by a friend or a colleague, these portraits salute the person in a most flattering and respectful way.  


It’s the gift for someone who has everything.  A surprise gift from someone saying they appreciate and honor them. A totally complimentary gift they never expected.

They can be made in custom sizes ,matted, framed, and sent as a unique gift.  

Placed on an easel at a party, it can also welcome the guests.

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All photos, designs and illustrations on this site are owned by

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